Sensational supper show.

IMG_0901Saturday night’s audience packed into St. Teilo’s Church Hall for their fish & chip supper and wine to experience another sensational BATS performance.

The audience were in high spirits and lapped up the masterly performance of the Prime Minister played by Piers Morgan-Harvey. Roger Bell, the Private Secretary to the PM, smooth’s over the cracks with impenetrable Latin taglines and replies to searching questions from the BBC’s press office with formulaic phrases, which everyone loved to hear and knows well! The PM’s Special Policy Advisor, played by Heather Cooper, delivers a wonderfully performance, as well as producing a document that saves the PM’s bacon.
The closing ‘live’ television interview with a female Jeremy Paxman impersonator, played by Sean Cole, puts the PM under pressure… or is it all a show!

Another extraordinary night for all members of BATS and a special thanks to all the front of house team and the Chequer’s kitchen staff.