First night success!

‘Simply unmissable’  ‘Great audience reaction’  ‘A must-see production’

If the first-night is to be improved on, then this production is plainly a success and simply unmissable. The sell out audience loved it!

The whole cast are exceptionally strong. Sir Humphrey’s lengthy monologues of meaningless political rhetoric were eagerly applauded by the audience. There was the occasional blip to this almost flawless evening of political banter; however have you ever known a Government official be perfect.

Global warming, an Ambassador demanding sexual favours, the commercialism of the BBC, the problem of bailing out Greece, and can it be an illegal immigrant at Chequers! You do not have to have a strong interest in politics to love this show. All works out well in the end, but if you want to find out how you will have to go and see this great local production.

Come to St. Teilo’s Church Hall, The Glebe, Bishopston, get yourself a nice glass of wine, sit back and snigger as you witness the inner workings of a government being conned into joining the Euro. It’s a must see show!