Rehearsal Night

It’s Monday night, it’s cold, it’s dark, but hey we have a play to put on! Three rehearsals in, our latest production is shaping up rather nicely with the set already emerging from the stage, lighting and effects well in hand and our actors beginning to feel their way around the script, so much so one or two (no names) are already going off book! With just five acting parts this is a challenging play for our actors in terms of the number of lines they must learn and the amount of time they spend on stage but they are clearly up for it and are making my first play as Director quite a joy to be part of. But this is more than just a play about football, it is about appreciating what you have and letting go of what you don’t. So you won’t need to be the world’s biggest football fan, or even like football at all, to enjoy this award winning comedy! But do expect a play of two halves, a few fouls, some good passes, extra time and penalties and overall an impressive acting formation from just five of BATS’ finest.  BATS Director Tony Currell.