The World Premiere – April 2016

The April 2016 production of ‘The World Premiere’ was written by Swansea playwright, Dave Jenkins and directed by Steve Nelson.

The brilliant comedy was about a local amateur dramatics group, St. Bartholomew’s, who are celebrating their 90th year; but have no money! So they decide to write a play themselves. To make matters worse, the opening night of their production, The Haunted House Whodunit, is sabotaged by one of the group with a bruised ego and it goes far from smoothly! 

The World Première was a great show, with a great cast and an appreciable audience.  

Cast (in order of appearance)
Claire – Wendy Thomas
Doug – Marcus Brace
Helen – Sarah Govier
Henry – Keith Gwynne
Malcolm – Barry Cooper
Victoria – Julie Greenwood
Steve – Steve Richardson
Penny – Helen Gwilliam
Tammy – Sam Fox
John – Paul Hartwell
Rob – Steve Nelson
Danielle – Sarah Gallagher
Melanie – Jan Hoggan
Gareth – Guy Littlemore
Prompt – Hannah Thomas

Stage Crew – Vic Ireland, MikeTurner, Guy Littlemore, Arthur Childs, Anthony Marnell & Malcolm Poole
Scenery – Painted by Mike Trurner
Sound & Lighting – Piers Morgan Harvey
Poster & Programme – Neil Chamberlain
Props – Sarah Gallagher
Costumes – Heather Cooper
Hair & Make up – Julie Greenwood, Joyce Childs & Heather Cooper
Front of House – Arthur Childs, Doreen Davies, Geoff Davies, Gill Poole, Ian Evans, Malcolm Poole, Maries Meates, Maureen Bailey, Mary Turner, Mike Turner, Ros Brace, Sian Cole, Tony Currell, Val Hiorns & Vic Ireleand.
Tapas Coordinator – Linda Halliday
Raffle – Patrick Tribe. Donations are in aid of there Alzheimer’s Society.


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WorldPrem Poster


“The sell out audience really enjoyed the opening night of this comic production.”
“On the first night of any performance you’d expect there to be some opening night nerves or forgotten lines, but it was a mark of how good the BATS cast and crew were that everything went perfectly for the first show.”
“Stand-out performances in a production of this standard can be difficult to isolate, but the audience really responded to Victoria (Julie Greenwood) and Melanie (Jan Hoggan) performances of ‘Polly Put My Stockings On’, ‘Recycling Muddle’ and ‘Mother Lover’!  The audiences for the remaining performances are in for a real treat, so if you haven’t got a ticket, I suggest you do so quickly.”
“Excellent show. Very clever and good fun. Excellent food.”
“Totally enjoyable! BAT’s puts on amazing and very well cast plays…credit to the director, playwright and cast. Keep up the good work!”
“Very enjoyable play. Always like them, really funny. I haven’t laughed so much for ages!”