The Ghost Train

By English playwright Arnold Ridley.Performed by BATS at St. Teilo’s Church Hall, Bishopston on March 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st, 2007. Tickets £5, concessions £4. First night only: all tickets “buy one get one free”. See original poster advertisement.The raffle held during production raised £280 for the British Heart Foundation. Thank you to all those who bought tickets!


Set in Cornwall in the 1920s (and inspired by Ridley’s own experiences waiting for a train there), the story concerns a group of mismatched train passengers who end up getting stranded at lonely country railway station called Fal Vale. The next train to Truro is not for another nine hours and to make matters worse, the weather is terrible.

They soon learn a local tale of mystery and fear concerning a phantom train that is sometimes heard and seen rushing down the track. The train carries dead passengers, victims of a train crash that happened many years previously.


  • Jaimes Cooper

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • ‘Saul Hodgkin’ ~ Mike Turner
  • ‘Richard Winthrop’ ~ Tony Currell
  • ‘Elsie Winthrop’ ~ Denise Currell
  • ‘Brooke Ashton’ ~ Laura Sims
  • ‘Charles Murdock’ ~ Andrew Slater
  • ‘Peggy Murdock’ ~ Helen Gwiliam
  • ‘Miss Bourne’ ~ Julie Greenwood
  • ‘Teddie Deakin’ ~ Barry Cooper
  • ‘Julia Price’ ~ Sian Cole
  • ‘Herbert Price’ ~ Steve Nelson
  • ‘John Sterling’ ~ Stewart Hiorns
  • ‘Jackson’ ~ Keith Gwynn


  • Stage Manager ~ Alan Bailey
  • Assistants ~ Mike Turner, Malcolm Poole, Neil Chamberlain
  • Prompt ~ Laura Sims
  • Props ~ Carol Rood
  • Costumes ~ Heather Cooper
  • Hair & Make-up ~ Julie Greenwood, Joyce Childs
  • Front-of-house, Refreshments ~ Dorothy Morris, Ian Evans, Heather Cooper, Geoff Davies, Doreen Davies, David Spear, Barbara Spear, Maureen Bailey, Val Hiorns, Ros Brace.

Director’s Note

Welcome to our production of ‘The Ghost Train’. Following our last hectic production of ‘Noises Off’ and due to the fact that this would be my directorial debut I thought a smaller less stressful play would give us all a bit of time to breathe again.

‘The Ghost Train’ has provided us with an excellent opportunity to improve our technical equipment, as it requires the supposed presence of an actual train! I would like to thank Alan Bailey for his efforts once again in both the set construction but especially for his technical abilities in both sound and lighting which we can take forward to subsequent productions.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members in the cast, Andrew Slater and Steve Nelson who joined us in January, and Mike Turner who has switched from backstage to performing. We are always looking for fresh talent and anyone interested in contributing to any aspect of the production can let any member of the team know.

I hope you all enjoy the performance of ‘The Ghost Train’, and feel free to scream or laugh out loud depending on which version of the play the cast decide to perform…