Some of My Best Friends are Women

A bright and breezy comedy which takes a humorous look at the women members of a book reading club….a few bottles of wine…..and a couple of men.

Our director, Steve Nelson,  said “I chose a play which showcases the female talent we have in BATS, and hoped our audiences enjoyed watching the play as much as we have enjoyed performing it. How the 5 women characters interact is both funny and poignant; I guess the audience will all know someone like at least one of the characters. Alcohol at the book club loosens tongues, with topics for discussion including men, sex, passing wind, pregnancy and, of course, books. Much is said that would be best left unsaid”.

    “Excellent show and very well done to all the actors and backroom staff for all their hard work in putting on this performance.  We enjoyed it – looking forward to the next one”.  Elizabeth


  • “hello, Just to congratulate all involved in an excellent production!  I came to see on Saturday on my own, and was completely lost in the plot.  Outstanding cast but special mention to Jill, Dorothy and Amanda, the actresses who played them had me wanting to join the reading group, they were very funny!   Best wishes for the best of the run – without exception, you were all superb, including the front of house staff, thank you”  Jan


  • “THE alcohol wasn’t just poured but flowed like a river in Bishopston Amateur  Theatre Society’s booze-sodden comedy, Some of My Best Friends are Women.Opting to tackle a more contemporary drama for their annual performance, BATS  turned to Carole Tricker’s tale of a book club of women who – as might be  expected – naturally spend more time gossiping about men and hitting the bottle  than discussing the text at hand.And it is this interaction between the five unique, and somewhat  alcoholically tongue-loosened, personalities that leads to the drama, friction,  and humour of the piece.Directed by Steve Nelson, the women at the heart of the show each have their  own distinctive traits, wonderfully hammed up to comic excess by the quintet of  leading ladies: Doreen Davies as Lynn, the sensible one with marital issues;  Julie Greenwood as Dorothy, the well-meaning busybody who has trouble holding  her drink; Heather Cooper as Amanda, a feisty, strong headed feminist; Helen  Gwilliam as Jill, a hypochondriac with an overactive imagination; and Jo Hicks  as Helen, a mouthy man-eater with an attitude and a swagger.

    Not that it was all about the women, of course; Steve Richardson and Barry  Cooper were on hand to add a little masculinity to proceedings — as well as to  serve as the punchlines to the ladies’ jokes.

    Performed in the charming setting of St Teilo’s Church Hall, BATS annual  showpiece was an entertaining production performed with heart, a sprinkling of  girl power, and which served up more than a few laughs”.

    Mark Rees, Evening Post


Lynn - Doreen Davies
Dorothy - Julie Greenwood
Amanda - Heather Cooper
Jill - Helen Gwilliam
Helen - Jo Hicks
Steve - Steve Richardson
Christopher - Barry Cooper

Friday 4th, Sat 5th, Thurs 10th, Fri 11th & Sat 12th April 2014.

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