The Lady in the Van

The BATS Autumn 2018 production was ‘The Lady in the Van’, written by Alan Bennett and directed by Sian Cole.

Cast members :-
Miss Shepherd – Julie Greenwood
Alan Bennett – Steve Richardson
Alan Bennett 2 – Roger Bell
Mam – Wendy Thomas
Rufus – Barry Cooper
Pauline – Heather Cooper
Social Worker – Helen Gwilliam
Underwood – Stewart Hiorns
Leo Fairchild and Mam’s Doctor – Dave Spear
Lout and Miss Shepherd’s Doctor – Laurence Evans
Interviewer and Ambulance driver – Karen Penny

Sian Cole’s Directors Blog

The rehearsals are going really well and the whole cast are just brilliant! There have been frantic back stage preparations for lighting, sound, props and costumes, and, as always, everyone has worked hard to make this another extraordinary production.The two Alans’ in their matching costumes are just mesmerizing; Miss Shepherd in her old, soiled cloths provides an amazing surly performance; with the rest of the cast adding their own distinctive character to make this a memorable show.

First Night Success

For the director, actors, technicians and the support staff, the first night of any show can produce some nervous moments…will I remember my lines, when do I come on stage, I must remember my stage props, etc. However, the first night of this production was just amazing. The two Alans and Miss Shepard delivered brilliant performances. I did notice that several members of the audience provided a standing ovation at the end. Congratulations to everyone at BATS for a wonderful show.

Audience Reviews

‘A polished and professional production ‘
‘Amazing staging and acting especially on such a small stage’
‘Great performances from all the cast’
‘A wonderful rapport between Alan Bennett and Miss Shepherd, both tender and full of humour’
‘Miss Shepherd was mesmerising’
‘How did you get the real Alan Bennett to agree to do this?!’
‘Your lady rivals Dame Maggie Smith!’