BATS was delighted with their Winter 2022 ‘Hi-De-Hi’ show. The audience and the Yellowcoats really enjoyed the sing-alongs, fun and frolicks of this well-attended Bishopston Community event. Wendy Thomas directed this production written by Paul Carpenter & Ian Gower.

It’s the start of a new season at Marlin’s Crimpton-on-Sea Holiday Camp. Jo Maplin announces that he is setting up a holiday camp in the Bahamas and needs female Yellowcoat’s to go and work there. The annual ‘Miss Yellowcoat’ completion will decide who travels to the Bahamas! Camp cleaner Peggy, is thriller at the prospect of a vacancy for a new Yellowcoat entertainer and wishes to convince the Maplins entertainment manager, Jeffery, that she is the perfect person for the role. Gladys’s Welsh tones are often to be heard filtering through the loudspeakers of Radio Maplin, as she makes the campers aware of the fun on offer to them; however innocent Gladys is overheard escorting Jeffery into his chalet! There is a lot more going on at the Maplins holiday camp, so come to the BATS show and have the holiday of a lifetime…Hi-de-hi campers.


Gladys Pugh – Sian Cole
Jeffery Fairbrother – Steve Sheriff
Peggy Olerenshaw – Julie Greenwood
Fred – Steve Nelson
Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves – Karen Penny
Barry Stuart-Hargreaves – Stewart Hiorns
Ted Bovis – Laurence Evans
Hilary Bovis – Helen Gwilliam
Spike – John Godwin
Mr Partridge – Keith Gwynne
Sylvia – Sam Fox
Mr P- Angus Humber
Betty – Sarah Smith
Tracy – Tracey Donovan
Dawn – Kay Keighley
Bailiff – Doreen Davies

Audience Reviews

We went last night to see Hi-de-Hi and enjoyed it so much, I had tears running down my face at some parts, and it was obvious that everyone else was enjoying it too – so just the tonic we all need! Congratulations to the cast and everyone involved backstage and on the administration side. I just thought it’s nice to feedback to you that we think the plays are wonderful and we always enjoy them very much. Angela.

Really enjoyed. Laughed, sang and danced. Best one yet! well done. Nigel

What an absolutely fabulous show – well done to all. Shelia

We really enjoyed last night, can’t believe you got a whole village hall pulling faces! You were all amazing! Den

Just want to pass on my thanks again for a fantastic evening last weekend, the cast were all outstanding giving such generous performances, and I have been recommending the play to quite a few people! It was a real tonic being transported back to a refreshing unsophisticated bygone age, and I was properly uplifted by the experience. Hope I didn’t laugh too loud or too long or too late and in the wrong places!! Carrie & Simon.

Brilliant performances by all the cast, sad that Peggy didn’t get her yellow coat. James

Directors Blogs:

Having agreed to direct this Winter’s play, I decided I wanted to put on something fun that would lift everyone’s spirits. This adaptation of Hi-de-Hi looked like it would be fun to act in, as well as to watch, so even though it is quite a large cast, I decided it was worth undertaking.
Staging this play in such a small space has been challenging, but our brilliant actors and back stage team are making it work!
We have a fabulous cast who have thrown themselves into their parts and the play is starting to take shape nicely. Our enthusiastic Yellowcoats are looking forward to entertaining you on your ‘holiday”, and don’t forget to look out for some new faces starring alongside some of BATS legends!
I’d like to also take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all our new members who already feel like part of the family. Thank you for choosing to join BATS, we are so happy to have you onboard”.
Wendy Thomas

Well! We’ve done all we can, no more rehearsals now, it’s opening night on Friday at 19:30hrs. I have had so much fun directing this play and I’m sure the audiences are going to have as much fun watching it. Our audiences can expect a wonderful ‘holiday’ with our lovely yellow coats greeting them upon arrival!

A massive, “Thank you!” to Sam Fox whose brilliant ideas for the yellow coats resulted in her writing additions to the play and taking extra rehearsals with the yellow coats. I couldn’t have done this without her and cannot take credit for her work!

And thank you to the yellow coats, who are all new members and have thrown themselves into their roles with enthusiasm and dedication.
Everyone has worked so hard to bring this play together; from the conscientious back stage crew and irreplaceable props manager, to the brilliant marketing and front of house team, the long suffering sound and light department, the wonderful wardrobe mistress and the amazing cast! I have given so many of you seemingly impossible tasks and you have all risen to the challenge admirably! Thank you all so much, you are all amazing and I am so excited to see this in front of an audience ?

All that is left to do now is to enjoy the performances (I promise no more last-minute changes!) Remember to arrive at around 19:00hrs for a 19:30hrs show.
Break a leg everyone!

Wendy Thomas
Photographs from the rehearsal.
Photographs from backstage

The Hi-De-Hi production program can be downloaded by clicking on this link HiDeHi Programme