Panic Stations

A farce by Derek Benfield.Performed by STADS at St. Teilo’s Church Hall, Bishopston on November 13th, 14th & 15th, 1986.


Chester Dreadnought has bought a lovely country cottage, dreaming of idyllic peace, but is he able to enjoy it? Not with Abel Bounty, the local un-handyman always around, and not with Carol, an attractive girl who seems to have mysteriously moved in. Those who have met Chester already in Wild Goose Chase and Post Horn Gallop know his aptitude for social and antisocial blunders, and Lord and Lady Elrood and scatty Miss Partridge also make a reappearance.


  • Dorothy Morris

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • ‘Abel Bounty’ ~ Bill Riseborough
  • ‘Chester Dreadnought’ ~ David Spear
  • ‘Carol’ ~ Jill Usher
  • ‘Patricia’ ~ Carol Shepherd
  • ‘Lady Elrood’ ~ Felicity Harris
  • ‘Miss Partridge’ ~ Brenda Jones
  • ‘Lord Elrood’ ~ Robin Wayne
  • ‘Sergeant Everest’ ~ Martin Rowlands
  • ‘Mrs Bounty’ ~ Dorothy Morris


  • Stage Management ~ John Lloyd, Rodney Fryer, Brian Shaw, Mick Shaw, Howard Mead
  • Lighting ~ John Dixon
  • Props ~ Alison Shepherd
  • Prompt ~ Pam Parker
  • Sound Effects ~ Anthony Pressdee
  • Make-up ~ Beryl West, Beryl Maslin
  • Scenery ~ Jean Hewlett

Producer’s Note

This play has certainly lived up to its name! For various reasons beyond our control, we had to cancel our first two performances. In fact, we seriously considered postponing the production until the spring, but after discussion we decided to go ahead.


The Cast Left to right -- Carol Shepherd ("Patricia"), David Spear ("Chester"), Jill Usher ("Carol"), Robin Wayne ("Lord Elrood"), Felicity Harris ("Lady Elrood"), Martin Rowlands ("Sgt Everest"), Brenda Jones ("Miss Partridge"), Bill Riseborough ("Abel"), Dorothy Morris ("Mrs Bounty")

The Cast
Left to right — Carol Shepherd (“Patricia”), David Spear (“Chester”), Jill Usher (“Carol”), Robin Wayne (“Lord Elrood”), Felicity Harris (“Lady Elrood”), Martin Rowlands (“Sgt Everest”), Brenda Jones (“Miss Partridge”), Bill Riseborough (“Abel”), Dorothy Morris (“Mrs Bounty”)

The set.

The set.