Murder In Play

A comedy thriller by Simon Brett.Performed by STADS at St. Teilo’s Church Hall, Bishopston in November 1994. Tickets £2, children & senior citizens £1.

SynopsisBoris Smolensky’s budget repertory production of “Murder at Priorswell Manor” is looking decidedly shaky. The cast are more interested in their egos than the play and life imitates art when Boris’s wife, Renee, is murdered on stage. Simon Brett’s hilarious text, a worthy companion to his Charles Paris theatrical thriller novels, ruthlessly satirizes the politics of the inept company and the numerous red herrings keep the audience guessing until the final moments of the play.


  • Dorothy Morris

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • ‘Lady Dorothy Chalmondley’ ~ Doreen Davies
  • ‘Major Rodney Pirbright’ ~ Ian Evans
  • ‘Lady Virginia Chalmondley’ ~ Claire Hardy
  • ‘Mrs Puttock’ ~ Donna McOnie
  • ‘Triggs’ ~ Julie Greenwood
  • ‘Mr Papadopoulos’ ~ Stewart Hiorns
  • ‘Boris Smolensky’ ~ David McOnie
  • ‘Pat’ ~ Alison Shepherd


  • Set, Lighting, Sound Effects ~ Alan Bailey
  • Props ~ Denise Currell, Leah Williams & Ros Brace
  • Prompt ~ Madeline Norton
  • Make-up ~ The cast


The set.

The set.