Death by Fatal Murder

The Spring 2017 production was ‘Death by Fatal Murder’ by Peter Gordon. Directed by Stewart Hiorns, the play takes place in the sitting room of Bagshot House in 1940. The country manor doesn’t have happy memories for Pratt who in the two previous plays bungled his way through as the body count kept mounting. 

The hapless and helpless Inspector Pratt returns to Bagshot House, to investigate a missing police constable.  As ever, he intends to make a name for himself (other than that he was given !!!!) but Bagshot House has few happy memories for him, or the members of the household he meets, suspects, and interviews.  In the two previous plays he bungled his way through, as the body count kept mounting. Once again he has his trusted Detective Constable Thomkins allocated to support his investigation – but murder is never far away.  Put into the equation amateur sleuth Miss Maple, an Italian gigolo, Blodwen, a very forthright Welsh “medium“ who contacts previous Bagshot house residents, and Pratt’s confusion is complete !! Upper crust Ginny and new house owner Nancy Allwright try to maintain some normality, but things are far from “all right“.

The first two nights have been very well received by our sell out audiences. The whole cast have been outstanding, as well as some wonderful individual performances and great comic moments. Saturday nights fish and chip supper seemed a gastronomic success. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes for their support.

Cast were

Nancy Allwright – Wendy Thomas

Ginny Farquhar – Sian Cole

Constable Thomkins – Steve Nelson

Inspector Pratt – Roger Bell

Miss Maple – Doreen Davies / Julie Greenwood

Blodwyn Morgan – Heather Cooper

Enzo Garibaldi – Laurence Evans

Sqd. Leader “Stiffy” Allwright – Marcus Brace

Photographs from rehearsals.