A Cut In The Rates

By English playwright Alan Ayckbourn. A TV play, first screened in January 1984, on BBC TV Schools, as part of the English Files educational series.Performed by STADS at St. Teilo’s Church Hall, Bishopston in June 1992.

Part of a ‘Triple Decker of One Act Plays’. Entry included supper (cold meat platter, salad (vegetarian dishes on request), strawberries & cream and glass of wine or fruit juice).

SynopsisA woman housing officer has a nightmare experience with a mad illusionist, who saws women in half.


  • Dorothy Morris

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • ‘Miss Pickart’ ~ Alison Shepherd
  • ‘Rosalinda’ ~ Doreen Davies
  • ‘Ratchet’ ~ Tim Weldon


  • Stage Management & Lighting ~ Alan Bailey, Steve Sutton
  • Props & Make-up ~ The cast
  • Refreshments ~ Jane Wayne & committee