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The Bishopston Amateur Theatrical Society, or BATS, is an all-amateur, mainly English-speaking group, open to anyone to join, whether to act, direct, work backstage or front-of-house. All productions are in English.

There is a committee which presently consists of six people: the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary (who is also responsible for marketing), Social Secretary and Stage Manager. The Committee has overall responsibility for agreeing policies and parameters. The director has operational responsibility for delivering a play, and as such is responsible for choosing the play, cast, producer, stage manager, backstage team and front of house team.


The Society runs on a very small bank balance. Income comes from the following sources: sale of refreshments; a small yearly fee from members; a small yearly fee from patrons (names listed in programmes); and commercial sponsors paying for a half-page advertisement in the programme.

The main expenses are Hall hire (cheap, but paid over and over!), royalties and script books (one per cast member must be bought from the publishers). Costumes, furniture and props are borrowed whenever possible; the cast, local residents, local businesses and charity shops have been very kind over the years in this respect, and without their support many plays could not have been performed.


Further generosity is shown by the public in their purchase of raffle tickets, which BATS sells at every performance. All proceeds from these sales go to local good causes. In recent years the group has raised hundreds of pounds.

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