Welcome to Bishopston Amateur Theatrical Society

As mentioned in our last BATS newsletter, we’ve been looking at alternative ways to engage our audience… and are excited to announce our first audio play.

Voices Beneath the Waves has been written by one of our own members, Sarah Goodall, and can now be played, or downloaded. The production is based on the true story of the shipwreck of The Caesar in a cleft in the rocks at Pwll Du Head in 1760. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this alternative BATS performance. Click on the play button below. To download the file click here and then right click and save the file.

We are also grateful to Oystermouth Radio for broadcasting this audio play on their community radio station. Please do leave us some feedback by emailing us on batsinfo@batsgower.co.uk or contact us on our Facebook page or tweet us on Twitter

A hugh congratulations to Sarah Goodall, who is responsible for writing and directing the audio play. The success of the production began with her inspiration and hard work for this historical project which has now been brought to life.


Just to say how much we enjoyed this performance, we were totally unaware this had happened, and it made a refreshing change to listen rather than stare at the box! Thank you BATS.

It was so good to hear familiar voices. A great production covering a local event. They will not be forgotten. Wishing you all every success in your next endeavour. We’ve missed you. Kind regards Jan. 

I’ve just listened to Beneath the Waves. What an amazing piece of work! I couldn’t put it down. Congratulations on a worthy production in memory of this tragic event. Thanks, Mary.

Thoroughly enjoyed Voices beneath the Waves which incidentally made me aware for the first time of this tragic wreck and the aftermath. It would be good if some tangible memorial could be created to commemorate this loss and inform locals and others about a significant event in the history of Gower and the Bristol Channel , not to mention naval history!

Very well done to the BATS team, Mike & I really enjoyed the production, it seemed very professional. The accents, the background noises and the sound effects were very good. We look forward to your next live production in 2021.

Excellent..great production…really enjoyed the sound effects……I will circulate to our book club here in Essex. Mel. 

BATS production terrific. Really enjoyed. Anne. 

Thank you so much for all your efforts. Alan and Suzanne. 

Listened last night. Verry good and interesting. Well done. Jen.

 No explanation is needed as to why things will be a little different this year with no live stage production at our home of St Teilos Church Hall, Bishopston.  However, in the true spirit of BATS we have been thinking outside of the box to continue to deliver and to keep you in touch with BATS until business returns to normal! The BATS team have been getting together in conference calls to discuss some new ideas. We have put together a behind the scenes video for your viewing and produced a BATS Newsletter to keep you informed on what’s happening.

We would also value your comments on what you would like to see from BATS in the future. Please do email us on batsinfo@batsgower.co.uk or contact us on our Facebook page or tweet us on Twitter. 

**NEW MEMBERS always welcome – come and act, assist back stage or with lighting, sound and costumes – Get in touch! **

The Bishopston Amateur Theatrical Society, or BATS, is an all-amateur group, open to anyone to join, whether to act, direct, work backstage or front-of-house.
Our aim is to produce plays for the local community.
The Executive Committee (the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, & Secretary) has overall responsibility for managing the Society, then Committee is assisted by other posts. Currently :- Booking and Patron Manager, Stage Manager, Technical Manager,  Hall liaison Manager and Social Media Manager and Social Secretary.
All posts are elected annually at the AGM from the membership by the members.
We are keen to involve our members and it is our policy that members take it in turn to Direct. New Directors are actively encouraged.  The Director has operational responsibility for delivering a play, and as such is responsible for choosing the play, cast, producer, backstage team and front of house team.

Ever since its formation in 1967, BATS (STADS till 1999) has been providing the Gower village of Bishopston and the surrounding area with regular live theatrical entertainment.

This site has two aims:

  • To provide a record, free and accessible to all, of a major aspect of Bishopston and south Gower’s recent cultural history;
  • To inspire local people to get involved with the group: we’re always looking for new actors and people to help with costumes, make-up, props, ticket sales, refreshments, ideas and so on — no experience necessary! In fact, our continuing success depends on you — so have a good look round the site and then please get in touch.